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Hi Miwashi, u are the probably the most candid forummer here willing to share your woes and sorrows in your career. And I have read most of the threads and posts you have posted here... not to stalk you but it is just so depressing to see how reality is and how society, jobs can be so cock up.

I am not sure if you are still in your grasscutting job or you have move on to greener pastures. You should be getting your Msc soon i guess. To be frank, you have good writing style, I do enjoy some of the thoughts and feelings you have written here and probably that's the reasons why I kept reading threads after threads you have started.

I was thinking if you might want to consider writing as a profession. Not easy I guess but you can write about your situation in your career, your feelings, how cold and real this society has evolved to after so many unreplied applications and remarks that are uncalled for during interviews. I just think it will be a great seller since it will strike a chord with some individuals who are in the same situations, it will probably make the public service take notice of u. If it is really the top seller, be prepared for moviemakers to turn it into film.

Confessions of a grasscutter. I will certainly purchase it off the bookshelf if I see it 1-2 years down the road.
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