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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I'm wondering this also...

Wasting our time? or is this TT5 for the next year Jan intake? Like I don't get it... can anyone answer?

also before you say its trash blah blah, I know... I only want to try the hackathon for fun and maybe try to negotiate their offer if I get it.

I already got rakuten offering me 5.8k ( start in june ), was thinking if I can maybe try 6k base pay with SEED lmao ( probably 0 chance but I try anyway )
Seems like you are from CS. Dbs priortizing cs grads. Rakuten cant hire like most mini mnc in singapore. Attended most of the talks for quite alot of companies and only like <5 ppl turn up. First time i heard rakuten offering 5.8k though, probably cant hire. If u studied CS, you probably know most of the students are foreign talents hahahahaha and i can say that that it is very rare for companies to offer visa for foreign graduates to work in singapore. From my previous intern experiences, you will probably work alone in companies like Rakuten and management will check in on you once in a bluemoon for your work progress, no guidance or anything and you will feel alone. Work will get boring as well. If you look at people in dbs seed on linkedin, they accomplished a lot of stuff in just 2 yrs. The dbs office is the entire building, which means you can move here and there when you work lol. This program starts in batches meaning you get to work with other graduates right at the start! I think the base salary is 5.5k~6k for dbs seed cs grads, but your salary will get bumped when you get promoted. I will mostly like accept the offer for dbs seed but i think the work life balance quite bad lol, but I think it is still better than shopee/bytedance. They expect graduates to be production ready at the start and ppl OT till after 12am. FAANG i think is quite boring but depends on what project are assigned to u. Go for dbs seed if you want learning opportunities and a collaborarive working culture! Cant find much reviews online for dbs seed so I am on this thread hahahaha. I think paypal is cool though, my friends all getting 6.5k but I dont really like their cubicle offices and they change teams every few mths. Visa lower pay than dbs seed for cs grad so dont bother. Also, dbs have most leave (27days) out of all the companies I have mentioned. Now high inflation in singapore so im also priortizing banks cuz higher chance of bonus hahahahahah. I might cry in the future.

P.S. Tired of bell curves and competitions... Just need to perform better than your peers that cant code in dbs seed.
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