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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Never said you were from micron.

Learn to read. I don't care much you make either LMAO how is your earnings relevant to this argument? You ok? first time arguing logically?

Backend does include ML and security, lmfao it's literally on bytedance career page, same for shopee.

The rest of your post is more garbage baseless nonsense.

Try harder.
1. You clearly said that i was 'dumped' to micron.
2. Butthurt because you tried and cant get into DBS seed to get the same pay as CS grads?
3. Are you too dumb to read the job scope? Being a backend engineer in a security/ML team does not mean you are doing security/ML, you need to make API for security/ML engineers to access data

This is my last comment with you because I pity you calling things you dont understand garbage and nonsense, otherwise I wont even bother. Such self entitled dimwits like you probably applies for faang tech jobs when you cant even pass ur non cs degree courses at overseas private uni. Im glad even dbs seed made their ds & algo questions harder to filter out people like you.

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