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The FRACGP and CCFP have a long history of being recognised as specialists in their own right for many decades, and are remunerated fairly similarly to their country hospital specialist counterparts.

They are not equivalent to the SG FM mmed because they are fully qualified to manage a lot more than our local FM mmeds as other posters have alluded to. If you want to be a FP who can practice anywhere in the world and feel confident enough to manage emergency surgical procedures or non-complex antenatal and paediatric care, then you should train for the FRACGP or CCFP and come back to Singapore to practice afterwards and raise the local standards of primary care.
v long history meh.
but wow
Sg already can operate and u mean to say ccfp and fracgp even better?
indeed we should hire these foreign talents.
suggest we shut down local med school and hire these overseas super FM speciliast. 1 can do the job of 10. pay them 5 local fp salary and we already got a bargain. in fact em, GS and obgyn and paeds speciality can shut down liao.

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