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The truth in singapore, fam med will just continue refer to hospital for minor stuff. No incentive to ownself manage and also very accessible

Other country fam med do everything is no choice. Here emed 15 minutes away dont waste time do fam med la
In other countries the OBGYN dont manage normal uncomplicated deliveries. They leave that to the FP or Midwife. Prenatal Intrapartum and Post Partum. The specialists only deal with high risk cases. And rightly so.

In sg the OBGYN take all these normal pregnancies which can be managed by FP. Wha a waste of resources and time. Not to mention cost of having a baby is then much higher as you have to pay specialist fees.

Part of the problem is the sg public expect specialist OBGYN for every pregnancy. For this reason sg FP will never be recognized as equivalent FP in other first world countries. The OB knowledge and competence is just not there.
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