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How many people have truly worked on long projects with dealings with finance and bankers? So, even if you don't have such experience, do you smoke your way through?
Yup, smoke ur way through if needed, of course you need to do a bit of research around like ask finance colleague usually what their working liaison is with bankers.

Then try to spin a story with the info. You don't need in depth knowledge, just some surface stuff to at least show you have a proper thought process and make your passion sound more believable.

Of course no matter how you prepare always got danger will get caught, but this is still better than a totally childish story like I like investments because my ________ (insert person) do business and dabble with investment.

Straight away kena red flag as "I dun know anything about finance and just want to get in because people around me in finance/investment/banking look rich & cool"
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