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Originally Posted by jerrykoh82 View Post
Hi, thanks for the reply and insights. It will be great that someone will share more about the life of a business analyst, risk analyst in a mnc environment.

I believe that if one is to have a job for the long term, it is one that one really enjoys and likes. So working is like playing. No need to be motivated but self-motivated.

At least I know something, an engineer's job is pretty routine. In fact, I found most jobs in the engineering field does not require a degree qualification, in fact through my experience with 4 different companies, I do find that the job scope do not require one with a degree qualification.

Anyone can fill that place with the in-house training.

For me, I am a creative person and always eager to learn new things. That explains why I constantly looks outside of the academic and attend seminars to upgrade.

I believe the financial industry provides what I'm looking for. However, as I have never been in the finance industry, I will be glad if someone will highlights the pros and cons of the jobs as described above based from personal experience.

It will give insights if it is a career that will give me job satisfaction.
Still, you are no different from any trader banker wannabe.

Most jobs don't need any paper qualification, unless you're an academic or scientist. Btw, Nick Leeson said the people in his bank were idiots.
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