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Originally Posted by maze View Post
Why is it that every engineer likes to claim to have passion in investments and analyzing financial numbers because people around them have investments and therefore they want to enter banking sector?

Want to join banking just be upfront and admit that you love money and wish to pursue a field that lets you reap big material rewards instead of a low paying engineering job.

There's no need for this standard BS about being passionate in Finance, people who are really passionate in analyzing financial numbers can join any MNC as risk analyst, business analyst, sales intelligence support or even pursue a career in teaching & coaching in finance.

Nothing against TS, it's just that as an interviewer I have heard this same old story from so many people from non-Finance (usually engineering) background in the past 2 years that I sometimes wonder if there is some engineering professional body that teaches them to say the same thing.
The most bizzare story I heard was this young girl in late 20s from logistics background, said she wanted to join because she "manages" her parent's retierment funds so she found her "passion" in investments.

I probed a bit and she told me her parents gave her 400k their retirement nest egg for her to play stocks and she made some money because she entered at low point of 2008. Knew nothing about investments or businesses or trading technques, just happen to enter market in 2008 which most people on long at that time would probably have made a lot.

I pity the parents, can tell from the yaya attitude that this ignorant girl going to loose all their coffin money.
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