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Originally Posted by haiz2006 View Post
i am intending to sign on CPIB IO>>> any advice?
have to study law too, just afraid one day if i have to leave the service...where to head to?

Of course if CPIB treat me well, i will stay..all about passion.
Izzit really hard to enter corporate security related job aft years of service in the enforcement?
sorry i'm not familiar with CPIB. If u enjoy doing investigations & probably lotsa paperwork, i guess that job will be suitable for u. Esp wif all the recent cases they're investigating now, the workload may be quite high.

After u quit, i tink the banks will take in ppl wif your background/experience, esp for corporate investigation roles involving fraud, etc. Not too hard to enter corp security but it's also abt the rite timing. Good luck.

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