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Hi fellow forumers..

I am from the civil service and have a question about increments..

Can someone enlighten me on what kind of increments one gets in the civil service every year? I have read in some of your posts u wrote about merit increments, annual increments and just increments.

I would like to know if civil servants get merit or annual or both? If we do, which do we get when?

One thing i know for sure is there is an increment every year on the month after u joined i.e. Suppose u joined in june 2010, u get increment every july from 2011 onwards. Is this the annual increment? If so, when do we get merit increment? If we do get merit increment, how much do we get? Performance based?

I hope someone who knows this well can enlighten me.. Thanks..
for civil servants, they usually get their merit increment in april every year. if you joined in June, your first increment will depend on what contract you sign with the ministry. some will give you a pro-rated increment next April, and from then on, all your increments in April. Other ministries prefer to fix your salary to June next year, and give you an incremnt in June. Subsequent increments come in Apr

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