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Speak as though you went through both 1997 and 2009. Just because you went through a bad period doesnt mean it was THE worst period. There is no free lunch in this world. Finance ppl get paid high but they work insane hours to keep the job. Just because one is not headhunted or "networked" does not mean your value is any lesser. Yes u are right, a banker can join civil service and the reverse is harder. Life is about having options but at the end of the day, there is only one reality (we make our choice about option and live with it.
Just look at the papers in 2008-2009. they compared it to the great depression of 1930s-1940s. In 1997 most of the damage was in Asia. In 2009, the damage was wide spread. Whatever man, i dun wanna argue about historical case studies. If u r happy that i am wrong, then so be it.

Ur insane working hrs is a common misconception in banking. Banking is v wide. E.g. IB, private banking, Fixed Income, Commodities, Fund Management, Foreign Exchange etc. u cannot just generalise that all have long working hours. For example, just from this list above, IB has longer working hrs than the rest. If u dun know enough friends in the industry, u wld not know there are some fields which have lesser working hrs and that pays well.

Also I realised people have a self satisfaction ego. For example, ppl outside banking will think I am not going banking because the working hours are insane. Ppl outside civil service will think the other way and say even though civil service pays well n stable, i will find it hard to climb up the ranks because I am not a scholar. Then, each one of them thinks their career choice is thus correct. Nobody is right or wrong in this case. Depends on ur own view and what u want in life. But in sg, sadly there is only 1 view that matters to most ppl, that is how much money u make, what car u drive and which condo u live.

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Well I don't claim to speak for all civil servants but some of those that I know personally work very long hours too. there's one that works from 8/9am to midnight almost everyday. Others go 12 -15 hour work days. And most of them are really brilliant chaps.
correct. it is again a misconception that civil servants end work on the dot. Can u leave on the dot? Sure, why not? But promotion time, u can wait long long. Some ppl say oh, does not matter how long u stay in office, more important is ur job performance. The reality is most ppl seldom cock up in work, esp when u r talking abt uni grads with second upper honours n above. Hence how bosses evaulate is who stays the longer in the office, more enthu towards work n org. Those who stay late will be shortlisted for promotion. Assuming everyone knows this rule, then everybody will take advantage of this rule. U stay until 7pm? ok i stay until 8pm. u stay until 8pm? ok i stay until 9pm. Of cos u need to justify the amt of work to let u stay back late n this is through volunteering for extra job scopes.

This applies everywhere, not only civil service, especially in desk bound jobs. if u work in sales for example, then nobody cares whether u r in the office or not, as long as u bring in the sales. in fact the longer u stay in office, the boss will ask why u r not meeting clients. Hence for desk bound jobs, besides ur job performance (which most ppl seldom cock up), ur face time in the office is another factor.

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