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erm amdk. So ccfp two years enuff. Anyway it is not abt the years but quality of training.
Us and canada residencies are shorter.
Less patient load but think more. teach less learn more.
Uk residencies in general longer.
We hybrid so half way
canada was what SG is, GP existing alongside FPs. And GPs can upgrade to FP via practice routes by grandfathering in, sitting for exams or entering residencies. Their 2 year residency subsequently develop due to man power shortages. Anyway, due to remote-ness, their GP can get additional certificate in A&E medicine, anesthesia, ob /gyn etc.

A while back SG was experimenting with it. You could sign up for the GDFM sponsorship and MOHH will make sure u rotate 2 years across CE, A&E, geri and gen med + ortho and OPS across the SI , essentially making it a mini - residency. Dunno why it fizzle out

SG load is actually much higher. We see a lot more patients a day in the polyclinic. My ex boss who went to canada for his fam med HMDP ( went there to chill is what he calls it) basically sees like 24 patients a day only.
In SG, we sit for the part 1 which is basically your American board of family MCQ. In US, when u finished that MCQ, u exit and become board certified. In Singapore, u just become eligible to sit for part 2 only which is a different ball game.

Our GDFM exam is actually modelled after the FRACGP exams. Prof Goh L.G and Cheong P.K went over to learn how to set up the GDFM program and subsequently model the GDFM exams after it. The FRACG exams test for competency is 1 to 3 of the domains , eg diagnosis, communication, problem definition etc and that level of testing has persistent till today although they are gradually up titrating it into a

Comparatively our local clinical exam assess all seven domains at once. It's a much more difficult exam.

anyway, they are slowly upgrading the GDFM exam. This year will have real standardized patient and next year will require physical examination ( last time is u say what u want to check and the examiner will tell u the findings)

Not saying sg standard is very high or what. Its just a reflection on how FPs are trained differently throughout the world.

But in the public institution in SG, only the M.Med is given due recognition at the registrar level , In polyclinic, you are on the consultant FP route and in community hospital, you will be considered a senior staff registrar. With any other FP degrees , in polyclinic, u are on the FP route and rank progression is senior FP, principal FP ( although i have never meet anyone with that rank, even those who had work 20 years in polyclinic) You go hospital, they bo chap the post graduate degree

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