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just to share my story. I am early 30s and i run my own company started back during the dotcom era. I estimate my networth at S$3M today. I arrive at this by adding up all my personal assets including home and valuing my company just based on cash position(no debt).

It took me 5 years to increase my networth from 0 to 1M. It took 2.5years or so to do the next 1M and now it is 1M per 1.5 year. If things go well, it should be increase of 1+M per year.

So just to let readers know that it is not just banking and finance that can help you achieve your financial goals. Running your own business can help you do that easily too. And i know quite a few other late 20s, early 30s entreprenuers who are probably worth twice or thrice what I have. Best of all, many of us did it without inheritance and started from just $20K or $100K.

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