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Default Spend money is enjoyed life

I already mid 30s and only have 60k of cash and 70k of stocks. But I spent my money to almost fully pay my apartment (600k) and spent to buy a 100k car + petrol + ERP.

Yes I stupid should not fully pay house and car. Maybe shouldn't even buy car. Should just invest more and earn more. I have poor man mentality but at least I save and buy the stuffs I want. Maybe tomorrow bang by truck and died. Might as well enjoy life every day as long as not taking loan.

If all of us die tomorrow but I experience more enjoyment than one who scrimp and save and torture own life to have 1million at 27, then IMHO I have lived a richer life.

If long game, maybe the guy who scrimp and save now will enjoy more. If he ever learns to enjoy.
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