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Quite interesting and varied job scope and thanks for the insight. It's FM vs ED for me la. Nowadays ED senior also quite shag need ownself see also because of the load and number of seniors. In this case go FM better sia.
ed rotating shift work is killer.
your body or at least mine can't take it. I do 2 mths want to die. finish evening shift go home full of adrenine till 2am cannot sleep. next morning 7am shift.
I age 2 years in that 2 mths.
dun think can do 20 years.

ur Im AC is 12k, some institution pay 11.x cos they 2 year AST then ac. only sgh Im is 14k. their annual is 15 mth unless they some sakit researcher or COVID warrior.
180k pa.
you go ask ur r5 or r6 fp what is their annual.
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