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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Boomer partners have lost touch with reality, and are in their high castles. Thoughts?
Duh. Not only boomers, the younger gen of 'rising stars' also have the same toxic mentality and survivorship bias. Very arrogant and expect the same unrealistic sacrifice of WLB. But even if you match their expectation, they'll always think they're better and correct.

The working culture in local firms here have lost the plot lah. Squeezing their teams for maximum billings while paying paltry amounts to associates or JPs. All for the EPs to circlejerk and brag among themselves. Even worse is accepting client lowball fees, writing off associate time, or taking on too many matters; overpromising is easy but guess who needs to slog it out over the weekends?

And they wonder why the best jump to international firms where you're treated w respect or at least paid commensurately. And why the rest leave for in house entirely.

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