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Your B4 associate pool can be split into 3 groups.

First, the ones that were good enough to get in but are not particularly ambitious and have no particular career goals and so there is no light at the end of the tunnel for them - they dont tend to make it through more than 3-4 years and usually go inhouse or a mid-sized firm after that. This is the biggest group.

Second, the ones that are are gunning for partnership. Before you call them dumb, it is well known that the B4 teams (particularly the tier 1 teams) only promote partners from within. And once you hit partnership, the $$$ is nothing to scoff at. These are lifers who know what they want to get out of their slavery.

Third, the ones that just want to use B4 as a stepping stone to international firms. Of course, this is more common for the corp than liti teams. These people dont stay long and are usually out the door by the 2 year mark (the exceptional ones might leave earlier). You can usually tell who these people are as they are usually your FCH / deans lister / commendation list types, though there are some teams whose practice areas are so in demand that any tom dick or harry can jump to international once they hit the usual PQE, even with an average CV.

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