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unlikely you get the poly job. I don't understand why you want to be back to singapore. I don't know how old you are, but I would take the opportunity to build my market value in China.
1) 6 years in BJ and I surprised you are not moonlighting or making side income elsewhere.
2) re-do your MBA. take up one from CEIBS or 北大,清华.
3) buy property if you can afford it and i believe you qualify to buy property in BJ now. Wait for the right time to buy one.
4) network like crazy. especially out of our industry. so much opportunities.

silly to go back. your motivation to go back is to get a marginally higher pay with a dead -end job. it shows a lack of vision and imagination. spend more time with your chinese colleagues and learn from them.

I live in Beijing, by the way.
Dude if he can do any of the things you suggest he won't end up 3 years as a sales executive and another 3 years as a IR Manager drawing only 5.5k.

His academic qualification is all purchased from SIM / Informatics & his career progression is also very weak & below average. How to enrol for CEIBS or 北大,清华 like that?
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