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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Today is a awful day. It is sunny. Hot weather is a curse.

As I log on my computer and open up salary forum, I feel cursed having to read all these CSB posts. I recalled my earlier days where people had to register for accounts on forums and couldn't CSB or else they would get banned. Those days were awesome days, watching liars get banned, reading funny memes, going from one thread to another, posting meaningful discussion from one post to another, day or night.

But it was not worth it as I have spent a lot of time reading these garbage posts. I wasted so much time. My many years of wasted hours did not pay off. I'm now miserable, my bank account is near empty and I will probably be homeless one day. My family hates me too - probably living in a nice condo, going overseas holidays, driven around in a car, enjoying good food at restaurants, etc.

As a $100 in bank account loser, I'm still very salty, busy wasting my time reading these garbage CSB posts, busy getting all mad and pwning other sinkies and spending the rest of my days thinking of other unique ways to pwn more sinkies. Life is meaningless and depressing. I'm buibui and foreveralone.

In life, you have to make tough choices. Choose the wrong forum and you will spend your life reading lies. There are people who spend their life posting nonsense on here. They died before getting banned. That's sad.

Choose the right forum, make an account, post meaningful discussions, learn well and get some good information. You can then finally stop pwning other sinkies and lying online.
Stop going to trash forums like edmw and you will be fine. Losers there are just showing off their delusional 'profound knowledge'. Log off and they are still nobodies in the real world.

Get real and improve yourself in your softskills , hardskills or whatever that is useful in this real world.

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