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Hi All,

i am thinking of a career switch and would appreciate some advice.

i got a degree 2nd upper class (sim) and MBA from inforrmatics. i

i have been working and living in beijing for 6 years in a Us listed chinese firm. My first 3 years at the firm was regional sales executive and then got promoted into the firm investor relations department as IR manager

my current salary is SGD 5.5k monthly after tax ,with about 20K- 30K USD worth of options depending on share price. i would like to join a local poly. Can anyone advise if it is possible for me to get 90k -100K per yr as a poly Senior lecturer?? my area of expertise would be marketing/ finance.
No poly will offer you Senior Lecturer. You practically only have a MBA from a degree mill and 3 years sales executive experience and you want to lecture on marketing & finance?

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