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Thanks for your input! Sorry guys I don't mean to hijack the ACN thread w Marsh stuff but I am weighing my options now since I'm waiting for EE. My application should be with consulting (not sure since email just specified TAP only) because I have 0 tech background.

Glad to hear Marsh's industry is growing and wow up to 8k after 2-3 years is pretty good indeed. Yeah I've also heard stuff about ACN's work culture so that's something to be considered, but a couple years at ACN will make for a nice CV I believe haha.

That's why now I'm curious about the passing rate of candidates for the interview after EE - if it's a 99% more or less confirmed offer then I'll hedge on it, if 50% or less make it through the post EE interview then I should probably play safe and go with Marsh.

Also I should add that while I come from a biz background I have no consulting exp (not even intern) soooo that's why I'm not super confident of my chances of making it through the post EE interview. :/

Accenture definitely helps with the resume and thatís why many want it for an entry role fresh out of Uni. Not too sure how you got progressed when you donít have consulting experience nor technology background. There are people who couldnít cope with the rigor of the work and couldnít be up to speed with the peers, they leave after a few months or a year in because itís also hard to promote you. Getting in is one thing but you got to think if you can survive in it. Marsh would be a better option for you base on your background.

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