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I think do r those whose parents are comfortably making their own living, what they want is not more money from their kids, but for the kids to spend more time with them, talk to them - that is more precious to any parent than hundreds or even thousands more a month.

Will $500 or $2000 a month make them any happier if they already have enough? Maybe but they will probably be happier if you make it a point to bring them out on holidays, and have meals with them because time is priceless.

31F, 8YOE
Work in bank, 150k pa base, bonus can be anything from 4-6 months
I give my parents $200 each a month because they do not want more
Food = $1k a month
Insurance = $500 a month
Shopping = $200 a month
Transport = $200 a month
Rent & utilities = $2.5k a month
Fixed investment into various portfolios = $4.5k a month
Crypto investments = $500 a month
Limited cash savings of about $2k a month, already have ~$150k savings and donít want too much cash although I am planning to buy a condo within next 2 years
I save all my bonus and allow myself to buy one new bag (~$10k) and have a good holiday (~$5k) every year
I rejected parents help for down payment for my condo because I want to save for it myself

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