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no need to preclerk is very happy liao. I study and work in auzzie and coming back I have no farking idea how the local can inhale all the information about 20 patients in 1 hour. one reg told me my presentation is unacceptable before. I say sorry, I'm not good enuff. she also lan Lan suck thumb.
now in gp land write MC , no access to nehr and take patient as they come..very very happy no mental stress. hours long but mental health 100 percent, esp when I look at my bank account.

salary can't increase anymore.
same thing. u have an army, country go war, the soldier Lan Lan have to fight it at same salary. maybe give benefit like letting them rape the civilian etc. maybe can give u a kopitiam card unlimited kopi and 3 free meals a day.

everyone is low on morale la. suck it up, later give u a medal and be called COVID heroes.
smart ones go out and make hay while the sun shines. heroes die and people in ivory tower pay lip service and pat themselves on their own back well done, and give themselves 20 months bonus.

u decide.
Will it be too late if I join gp land July next year? (I.e will there still be jobs/hay to be made?)

Currently fm r2, feeling super jaded. I have no more bond left and have gdfm; only thing is that I probably lack ops experience given that most of the ops postings are in year 3 of residency. (My main polyclinic exp is from rcc which is more to do with chronic conditions)

I personally want to just go gp land in the long term eventually. Part of me is telling me to just complete residency, gain the ops experience and hopefully mmed (if I miraculously pass which I doubt since I am planning to leave immediately after residency and not join the prep course crap), other part of me is to tell me to leave now (esp given the locum rates at CTF etc, which will probably not be around when I finish residency next year)

I am also struggling with my other requirements like qip, 20 cases etc (they actually reduce from 40 to 20 &#128514
I am personally undecided..was wondering if anyone can give any advice?
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