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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I am a very junior Assoc. Would appreciate seniors thoughts.

Would it be frowned upon if I leave out a very short stint on a CV?

Very junior PQE Assoc here. I have a 3-4 mth CV gap after getting called, as I took time out after getting called.

Started out in a small size firm (Law Firm A), but left after 1 month. Unfortunately, it just didnt suit me.

Spent 1 year in practice somewhere else in a mid size (Law Firm B) doing liti, and currently around 5-6 months into my present place (Law Firm C), also mid, doing liti, with corp, but smaller firm than my previous employer.

Thinking of applying out, to other Law Firms, In-House and Gov as a Civil Servant as Law

Firm C is quite toxic and its a daily minefield, dont think I can last much longer. Rampant infighting, angkat bola. Still have to serve 2 months notice.

Should I leave out my time in Law Firm A? Seniors any thoughts?
While there is some room for discretion with firms, and be prepared to explain the "gap", when it comes to govt, look at the employment declarations carefully and i feel it will be hard to leave it out.
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