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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
No, the new 12-month TC requirement will not apply retroactively to qualified persons who passed pre-2023 Part B exams.

Go to Question 5 of the FAQ document at:

On an unrelated note, the cynic in me thinks that the most recent salary revisions by the Big4 are to cater for the anticipated +6 months' TC, and there won't be any further adjustments in 2023 to reflect that law grads will spend additional +6 months drawing trainee allowance/pay (which is ~1/3 of an NQ pay). They're not doing this out of the generosity of their hearts nor fear of losing talent.

Which is still a net detriment to the 2023 batches. Thoughts?
Hard to say cause it's not yet clear whether the B4 trainee salary will be raised. We will see.

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