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Originally Posted by dun_waste_time View Post

I thinking of getting a MBA and hopefully do a mid-life career switch. I'm (guy) currently 30, earnings of 5k a month.

I'm currently doing IT Projects Management, and i want to go into more business management role. However since i do not have any prior experience, i conclude that i would have to go for a school with better career services.

I'm currently considering Insead and SMU. I know the cost is vastly different, however SMU offer internship during their MBA program. which will definitely prepare me.

Insead on the other hand, (i heard) have excellent career services.

Oh another point, i'm looking to do the MBA full time, so preferably due to financial constraints, i'm looking at 1 year MBAs.

However i'm still weighing on it as
1) It does not guarantee me a business management position,
2) worse, because of my non-existence experience, i will not be considered for a business role.

I would like to ask, whether how possible is it for an IT grad, taking MBA and switching over to a more business like portfolio (example Business strategic planning etc) .

Any other MBA program to recommend?

Choose Insead!! You won't go wrong with the school's excellent branding anywhere in the world .... If you choose the cheaper but more "ulu" SMU, no different from burning your money and dumping it into the ocean...

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