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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
i find you really shallow and ridiculous for the fact that you seems to think power and authority is much more important than the salary you drawing here.

Honestly, I read through the entire forum and nobody is talking CM as someone holding high power and position. We are only discussing about the salary. Where are you coming from?

Also, you describe drawing $3-4k as "super low" and 4k at 29 years old is no embarrassment at all. How many 29-30 yrs old are drawing $4k basic ?

Anyway, I am more than happy to draw my $4k basic and do what you describe as "
Team supervisor" role. We are here talking about salary and not comparing who has higher authority and power. You should be going to another forum and brag instead.

I like to emphasize again CM is just a title and nobody is overly excited and showing off about it. But to draw $4k basic is no shame at all and to perform the role of so call "team supervisor" is a decent role.

Wake up ur ideas
I think his/her intention is good. He/She was just clarifying the misconceptions from Paychecksg, pointing out that CM is not the same level as the GM /Op Mgr in the pte sector, from both scope of responsibilities and salary level point of view. I don't think he/she was trying to belittle what a CM do.
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