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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Let's have a sense of perspective here. You might have been sold on this OPS Manager cum General Manager idea by PA, but this position is nowhere near what you have described.

GMs in the real world have actual P&L responsibilities and generally enjoy high autonomy on how they handle branches. Their direct reports are also professional senior managers from Finance, Ops, HR, IT etc.

Contrast this to a Constituency Manager. He has almost no independent decision making power in running the branch, all the activities his branch needs to run is dictated by higher ups or grassroots. Policies like marketing, IT, Pay Benefits etc is also top down from above. There is no Business Development component and financial decisions is all about working within $xxx that was given each year. People under him are mostly uncles aunties who are lowly educated and have been around for decades.

The closest private sector job to a CM is that of a Team Supervisor of a group of non-PMET workers. To say its a OPS Manager is already stretching the truth, to say its like a GM role is outright laughable.

PA recognizes this as well, that's why you see these super low salaries at 3+ to 4k. They are effectively paying a Senior Executive or Team Supervisor pay and this is what it is. While you may have the headcount under you in terms of numbers, the roles and responsibilites of the GM is not about how big your team is.

I'm not trying to denegrate the CMs out there, but you guys need to have a realistic view of how your jobs compare to private sector and also where your pay positioning is. It will be useful next time if you want to move on to another public or private sector job.
i find you really shallow and ridiculous for the fact that you seems to think power and authority is much more important than the salary you drawing here.

Honestly, I read through the entire forum and nobody is talking CM as someone holding high power and position. We are only discussing about the salary. Where are you coming from?

Also, you describe drawing $3-4k as "super low" and 4k at 29 years old is no embarrassment at all. How many 29-30 yrs old are drawing $4k basic ?

Anyway, I am more than happy to draw my $4k basic and do what you describe as "
Team supervisor" role. We are here talking about salary and not comparing who has higher authority and power. You should be going to another forum and brag instead.

I like to emphasize again CM is just a title and nobody is overly excited and showing off about it. But to draw $4k basic is no shame at all and to perform the role of so call "team supervisor" is a decent role.

Wake up ur ideas
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