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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I am a very junior Assoc. Would appreciate seniors thoughts.

Would it be frowned upon if I leave out a very short stint on a CV?

Very junior PQE Assoc here. I have a 3-4 mth CV gap after getting called, as I took time out after getting called.

Started out in a small size firm (Law Firm A), but left after 1 month. Unfortunately, it just didnt suit me.

Spent 1 year in practice somewhere else in a mid size (Law Firm B) doing liti, and currently around 5-6 months into my present place (Law Firm C), also mid, doing liti, with corp, but smaller firm than my previous employer.

Thinking of applying out, to other Law Firms, In-House and Gov as a Civil Servant as Law

Firm C is quite toxic and its a daily minefield, dont think I can last much longer. Rampant infighting, angkat bola. Still have to serve 2 months notice.

Should I leave out my time in Law Firm A? Seniors any thoughts?
Yes just leave it. No one cares.
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