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a constituency manager is very much what you would describe as an operations manager, in charge of the day-to-day running of the Community Centre.

To a certain extend, you are also the general manager of the branch, looking after all aspects, from revenue collection, scheduling of enrichment classes, managing tenants, public feedbacks, event management, human resource management (staff schedule, leave, mc, resignation, petty fights etc).

You do not have to do everything, however you are in charge of everything. Anyone who have taken a managerial role will agree that your job comfort level is dependent on two key factors:

1) Level of competency of your staff/co-workers.
2) Ability to gel with your team.

If you can't gel or delegate your work, you will suffer from burn-out which leads to turnover.

Ultimately a CM role is very much one of people management, gaining respect and mutual trust from all members in your community club. Go in with both eyes open.

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