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Talking Where are they from ?

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but our government say the opposite things to them. the more you whack them, the more tender loving care our government shows them.

till now, there are still no figures on how much is spent on grooming foreign students in our universities (our boys serve NS and take education loans, while they come here to collect allowances from taxpayer's monies).

and recently, they are proposing to train foreign workers (using whose money?) to "level" the playing field for singaporeans. the logic is getting more and more strange by the day.

it's little wonder that our young ones have no sense of belonging here. many just want to migrate overseas once they are independent. in a way, this is good, cos our government can then import more foreigners.
Maybe we should do a background google on those gahment where are they from.. haaaa
Understand some "old timers" ain't pure singaporean. lolxxx
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