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Should be correct. The first 2 years, MAs are under HR headcount, so salaries should not vary that much. I think the person who asked the question about variation of salary across divisions is more concerned about the salary after the 2-year MAP. After 2 years, the pay is less transparent I feel.
Ah yes. There's a very big range in terms of pay grade even for the same rank. General rule of thumb is as follows, at least for BO (Tech):
1. Pay jumps approx. 20% for each promotion
2. For years without promotion, there's generally a ~5% increment up to a certain cap for a given rank

General (average) promotion speeds are around 2-4 years from M6 onwards, depending on performance.

The high end for AVP4 is ~12k. AVPs make up the bulk of the ranks in the company.

A VP3 makes between 13k to 18k. Note that the higher end of this band generally comes from those being poached from other banks/companies.
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