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Seems like many are unaware of the MINDEF culture in ST. Parachute simply means your MINDEF customer suddenly retired and got offered mgmt role in ST as his 2nd career post 45 years old. They dare to ask customer close 1 eye because customers are mainly from defence sector and ST folks are likely ex defence folks who know the customers at a friend-friend level during their time in MINDEF.
Impossible. I donít believe because this is too unprofessional. I have ex-colleagues who became customers/suppliers. We treat each other professionally at work even though we drink together, doesnít matter if it is post 35, 45 or 55 years old. I CANNOT ask a customer even if he is my close friend to close eye. Neither will my friends who happen to be my suppliers do that to me. As a professional, we have to account to our management, customers, society at large and whatever interested parties defined in our ISO9001 quality manual. There is no such thing as ownself check ownself because I will either get a big fat nonconformance for rectification or the police will be involved, true for a staff as it is for the top management. My projects are all auditable by quality, finance etc. Even going to lunch with suppliers/customers, accepting gifts even on private context, business trips are mandated by global corporate compliance with strict guidelines like not more than USD$1 or not allowed. You violate that guideline, you either get dismissed or you face the law.
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