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My numbers may be outdated as they were from 5 years back, but I am guessing they should have adjusted it based on market trends to low to mid 4s now. Benefits are quite generous and bonus is usually around 3-4 months.

The key selling point going into a BHP or even Rio Tinto is the opportunities for progression and even lateral movement. In terms of earnings will likely outstrip someone in a local bank MA programme by year 3 or 4.
Thank you! But do you think it is alright or does this BHP grad experience help in exit opportunities? Like say maybe going into consulting (Accenture, big 4 etc) or moving into banking in future? Was just worried the industry would be a roadblock but as the news last night mining have been doing quite well and BHP is the top in its field and itís a grad program afterall so also thought may not be a roadblock?
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