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Originally Posted by singlebuyhdb View Post
bro u gotta help urself

so much free knowledge online, go read up on investments, side gigs, etc. see what u can do and make extra $$$.

but also know that in the end, $$$$ is just to buy things u want or need. eventually if you're a insecure cry baby, no amount of $$$ can ever make u feel whole. if ure ugly af, single, beta, even if u make 15k a month no one cares lol people making avg 4-5k monthly will sure say "haha but u ugly af LOL" then how ?

make so much money, work so hard, in the end people will always look for things that are shown on the outside first. ur face, ur height, u fat or not, how u speak, etc.

I only want a ton of $$$ to buy my resale HDB and renovate it to my liking. beyond that i dont care and will downgrade to ez WLB life with lower pay and invest instead.

find ur purpose and goal in life bro. its just like this forum, i come on here just to get info / intel only and maybe share my opinions like right now. beyond this i dont care and dont bother wasting my time.
What a loser who can't even string words into a coherent sentence. Your biggest ambition in life is to buy a HDB apartment? That's so pathetic.

Your value system is based on outward appearance? And you'll crumble if someone calls you ugly? Dude you're pathetic, it seems like your psychological development has been severely impaired and you're pretty much a little kid on the inside.
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