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Originally Posted by singlebuyhdb View Post
bro u gotta help urself

so much free knowledge online, go read up on investments, side gigs, etc. see what u can do and make extra $$$.

but also know that in the end, $$$$ is just to buy things u want or need. eventually if you're a insecure cry baby, no amount of $$$ can ever make u feel whole. if ure ugly af, single, beta, even if u make 15k a month no one cares lol people making avg 4-5k monthly will sure say "haha but u ugly af LOL" then how ?

make so much money, work so hard, in the end people will always look for things that are shown on the outside first. ur face, ur height, u fat or not, how u speak, etc.

I only want a ton of $$$ to buy my resale HDB and renovate it to my liking. beyond that i dont care and will downgrade to ez WLB life with lower pay and invest instead.

find ur purpose and goal in life bro. its just like this forum, i come on here just to get info / intel only and maybe share my opinions like right now. beyond this i dont care and dont bother wasting my time.
This poor loser is struggling to string words into a coherent sentence. Why would anyone so shamelessly expose himself as a shallow, superficial person whos only goal in life is to buy a HDB apartment. Sad to see.
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