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What are the options like for someone who goes into pathology? Is there a significant difference in pay between working in the public vs private sector for pathology? I imagine that the work hours will be similar in both scenarios - 9 to 5 with the occasional night shift (to handle urgent requests?).
ey, there's different kind of pathology subspecialty
essentially anatomical vs chemical ( and there are microbio, foresenic etc) so u essentially end up specializing in one.
for chemical, everything is automated or lab tech does it, so u are essentially a lab manager so there's not a lot of those jobs around.
Most of the job is in anatomical as only u can do the histo / IF stuff

sorry, if u think its a 8 to 5 job. Staining the various section to determine the various kinds of cancer is not a easy job. Obscure stains takes hours to fix .Many pathologist are overworked and stay in lab OT till 10pm or more and come to work at 6am.

also , not easy to get in.
waiting list for pathology is usually 2-3 years and pple start expressing interesting during med school, u HO want to do pathology out of the blue.....happy waiting

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