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Originally Posted by singlebuyhdb View Post
hi all,

how much is the average salary increment percentage for SWE / SDE ?

also curious about promotion percentage. at the start i got like 25% but after 3 promotions i'm seeing 10% or less... why ? is this normal or i need to job hop ?

how does SWE / SDE promotions scale like ?

entry to mid = 25%?
mid to senior = 20%?
senior to lead = 15%?

is it like that ? or is it based on base pay ? if too high then percentage lower ?
I depends heavily on the type of company (industry etc.) and how well you perform relatively to your peers.

For example, with the same skillset, one can probably command a higher salary at a banking (DBS, JP Morgan ...) or high growth tech company (Shopee, Bytedance...), compared to a consultancy firm or young startup.

Also, according to, the salary for lead engineers varies from $6500 to $15950 at the 10th and 90th percentile respectively. So it's no surprising, and also difficult to say if you are under/overpay by looking at a single value.

But you are also right that job hopping is proven to be a rather effective way to get a salary hike - just don't do it too often until it becomes a red flag in your resume!
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