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What are the options like for someone who goes into pathology? Is there a significant difference in pay between working in the public vs private sector for pathology? I imagine that the work hours will be similar in both scenarios - 9 to 5 with the occasional night shift (to handle urgent requests?).
No diff. Pte pay slightly better.

No urgent samples one lah. Only frozen section u need to be present.
The rest of histology can slowly come.
Btw need to soak in formalin and let it fix for a few hours at least.

U think which genius surgeon wanna op in middle of night?
Then frozen section in middle of night?

Firstly the anaes will scold them. Say not emergency dont use my EOT
Then u will say i cannot help u in middle of the night unless u give me half ur pay.

For routine histology sample, do the next morning.
Surgeons almost nv do cancer op that requires frozen section in middle of night.

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