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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
joined G with 5+. I confirm.
This guy salary pump from 4.3k to 6.9k within 3.5years, plus good bonus
Time to hunt for company who value you more! Good luck...

Total a bit less than 3 years exp

2018 - 4300 (hired Aug)
2019 - 4300 (1 month bonus) - no increment as joined 2nd half of 2018
2020 - 4900 (3 months bonus)
2021 - 5250 (Jan to Jun) / 5900 (Jul to Dec) (5 months bonus)
2022 - 69xx (3.5 months bonus)

Promotion quite quick in the last half year or so because my company was trying to align with market, and talent is generally in short supply in my sector. I've had more than four recruiters contact me from the start of this year, which I guess is an encouraging sign.

One of my colleagues left for a new role with at least a 30 - 40% increment, but given I'm quite happy with the work/autonomy/balance in my job I'm not sure I want to leave, especially with my current career trajectory.
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