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Anyone able to give me some advise pls.

Im a female, hired by a chain earning 12 k per month , have AWS, no confirmed PB. I have GDFM & FP accreditation. Should I move to polyclinic as I'm planning for family as well and its a challenge with chains as they tend to dislike poeple going on materinity leave and even taking MC is a challenge as they will make noise if too many MC-> Pb also affected.

Should I consider applying to polyclinic as FP(GDFM) , at least i'll have materinity coverage, no nights and more leaves and mc quoto.

However, I do not want a pay decrease, Can anyone advise me on the base pay please and annual salary. I know base pay may be lower ~ 8k + $500 ( for GDFM ) = $8500 per month.

But i heard bonuses are good and Fp have additional bonuses-> anyone can shed some light on these please. I dont personally know people in polyclinic so I have no one to really ask per say and abit hard to ask HR
12k/month sounds like RMG.
Overall pay might be slightly lower. $8500 base pay. about 15-17 months total pay package per annum.

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