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Got time jjww on online forum, maybe think abt how u manage junior staffs and engagements allocated under u, cos u got that 5 figure salary for managing these well. If u ask the seniors not to complain abt fieldwork, maybe u should stop complaining abt having to tahan with overseeing multiple engagements too. Both are our job scopes right?

So far hardly anyone complain on this thread cos of doing fieldwork right? If they do just mean that they don’t like this industry and work, and nothing against the SM. But right now all off is are discussing mg : why is there a clear distinction between some SM we want work for and work with vs someone who is tras*h?

I think the answer is quite obvious by how u phrase your comments “naive”,”little common sense “ blah blah, seem like a toxic SM under your natural habitat of phrasing anything in a way that is being paggro AF

Oof and Ofc we are back to the “you are strawberries who can’t take genuine comments” and “I’m not paid to be your teacher /nice “arguments; u have reached an age and seniority level whereby any feedbacks given were not taken seriously, rather u made sweeping statements abt ppl being lazy/incompetent

You are just a toxic person. And the reason why big 4 are toxic is because ppl like this stay for 20 years and made partner (or u may not )

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