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Hi just my 2 cents about the OP. Professional degrees do limit Ur career as it is a professional degree just like BDS, MBBS, MD, JD etc.

It is expected of you to stay in Ur practice as these professional certifications warrant more investment in terms of money and time. you don't TYPICALLY see a LLB, JD, MBBS, MD, BDS doing full time operations, data science, sales jobs. Very common to see BA and BSc doing a job different from their degrees. But the reverse isn't common for LLB
LLB is a generalist degree. Dunno what you guys smoking.

You don't see many LLBs doing other things because it is a necessary qualifying degree for law in Singapore, so obviously the majority of LLB will tend to do law.

There is absolutely nothing stopping an LLB grad from applying to generic Management Associate or other grad programmes apart from social pressure or lack of imagination or courage.

BDS and MBBS are slightly different because the curriculum is structured with an extensive clinical educational component, so it is a true professional degree.

JD (at least in Singapore) is in reality merely a truncated LLB marketed as a professional degree. SMU and NUS' JD adopt the trappings of the North American-style JD, which is a true professional degree (regarded as on par with an MBA).

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