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Our dear Law Soc president recently did an interview with Sumiko Tan, and apparently his view is that young lawyers are not concerned with money (????) and because they speak a different language than senior lawyers who received praise through their pay and bonuses (????). Absolutely tone deaf, and does not account for the stagnation of wages and how the average young software engineer is now way better paid than an average young lawyer. If he wants us to be able to handle the abuse and long hours, at least pay us better relative to other sectors.

The attrition concern also primarily comes from losing business to other jurisdictions, thus affecting the rice bowl of senior lawyers. I say to my fellow junior lawyers - hit them where it hurts and fly high and free, away from this conservative and abusive industry.
Haven't we already raised the issues via CNA/BT on abuse but it goes unaddressed or answered with whataboutism?
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