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From what I heard, it is now quite stressful and hours arenít especially great. Also some of the work is quite routine and repetitive. So itís not a walk in the park in the way people may have assumed it to have been before. But it is meaningful if criminal law or public service is up your alley. People in legal service are also immune from business pressures and clients which we all know is that far the most painful part of the work most of us do. And being in legal service allows you to truly develop yourself as an advocate if thatís your thing. Look at the fact that a number made senior counsel there. All that said, am told pay is so-so and you canít expect to ever make top-tier EP pay. But I donít think anyone joins legal service for the money and if you donít think youíll be an EP anyway, that becomes moot.

All of this is hearsay [though from sources I trust and am close to] so take from it what you will. Also feel free to question, critique or add to anything Iíve stated above.
What are your bonuses like for LSO vs DPP
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