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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Assuming these anecdotes were true. And I'll be charitable and accept that they largely are.

Nothing you have said here or above supports your proposition, which is that a lawyer should forego a higher international salary now in favour of a lower mid tier firm salary in the interest of making himself recession proof.

An international firm lawyer who loses his job has the option of trying to get back to an equivalent tier firm, or a mid tier firm.

A mid tier firm lawyer who loses his job only has the option of trying to get back to a mid tier firm.

If the international lawyer can't even secure a fallback job in the mid tiers, I tend to think there's carnage at the mid tiers too. It is irrational to forego potential frontloading of income for a miniscule increase in chance of not being laid off at the mid tiers. As I said, an economic crisis will impact all levels.
So in 2008 you were in primary school. How young and innocent.
Thatís besides the point.
Your chinatown lawyers will continue to have a job bcos there will still be divorce and conveyancing transactions, albeit in lesser volume.
What makes you think that a small-mid size local firm will want to employ an international firm lawyer in an economic crisis. People in the small-mid size will be looking at keeping their own jobs, not splitting the pot with others.
International firm lawyers and the nature of international law firm work depends on the financial markets. They do not do your personal law stuff, bankruptcy, probate, divorce, crime.
In a crisis, nothing can sustain the lawyerís $20k salary in an international law firm when you cannot even collect/bill your client US rates.
Granted 1-2 out of 10 lawyers will survive. But itís hunger games all over again.
An international firm lawyer is not attractive to the small-mid size firms doing your personal law work such as POHA. Donít believe go ask around.

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