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Is it worth the cost and effort to get called to UK bar? Now SG lawyer exempt from practical assessment so it's easier. Would it be a boost to career prospect if going FAANG/ F500 in-house and/or practice? Also how tough is the SQE1(or the old QLTS)?

Studying and working full time like damn shag esp when billable target so high
Unlike the old QLTS which means you donít need any working experience, just complete MCT and OSCE, the SQE requires you to have 2 years full working experience in law. This could be signed off by someone who is already a solicitor of England and Wales. Also, it seems that the SQE2 exemption is not a given. Based on a literal reading of the rules, you have to send in your qualifications for assessments (idk what does that mean) but the SRA can ask that you do the SQE2.
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