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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Hello, I'm in corp and am planning to take up pro bono Crim/fam cases aft work? Anyone has experience on the workload and how it is like to do this? PQE 2 here. Bored to do corp alr but no choice coz got money there
Quite chill - you can decide your caseload.

Just note that you need to do the probono cases under your firm's name, so they must be onboard with your plan.

Therefore, paid work always comes first, so if you got to do a stupid doc review, or review the case pleadings (even if it's for someone who might get life in prison), you have to prioritise paid work.

But tbh, the actual level of commitment is very low, you don't really need to do much, especially if you do PG cases.
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