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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
so another way of looking at it is: the maximum upside or income ceiling one can expect to earn in audit is 1/2 million ++ .

And that's if and only if you beat all the very poor odds and endure years of 3am days, and make it to the very top of the profession

seems like a raw deal in my book.
All 3 posts are by you?

No need to worry for fresh graduates or those ah boi ah gurl who are still in it. After 1-3 years, most people would know if they want audit for life. Some just chose to leave at a later stage or took abit longer to find a job they are happy with. There are some who remain convinced that audit is the best, and that's fine. The profession need those with such boxed in mentality. Hard to get back to audit mentally once you break out from the boxed in mentality.

In any case, it is not the case that the auditor has no exit options or will learn nothing after the short stint. So if end up in this crazy rat race for whatever reasons, it is not end of the day.
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