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i mean if ppl are gud with being overworked like sla** and earn $8 per hour so be it lah no one stopping u ... the reason why audit bot dev is so slow is probably becos there are always stupiak fresh grad willing to do 15 hours work at minimum wage , much cheaper than a bot

just dont trick the new gen into this public acctng trap and justifying the grind for making it big/partner

just take afew minutes to mycareersfuture, see how much other jobs/even within accounting industry are paying at 5/10/15YOE

start as asso and be partner is now at least 15 years of non-stop grinding, without guarantee that u wil make it. is as naive as cant even run yet, but alrdy see yourself as the Olympic champion

most ppl here not becos they jealous of auditors, just here to stop hardworking ah boi ah girl who can sure do much better in anywhere else from going into this sh*thole

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